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4 DIY Dos (And One Don’t)

When buying or selling a home, there are plenty of ways to save money by taking on DIY projects. Here are some tips to make sure you DIY the right way.

Do: Your Research

One of the best DIY projects you can tackle is researching prices and determining your needs.

It’s important to understand everything you can about a home you plan to buy or sell. If you’re selling, know the square footage and amenities of the property, the pricing of similar homes in your area, and what projects you’ll need to undertake in order to sell the house at its highest value. When buying a home, it’s best to understand your needs – whether they be space, bathrooms, bedrooms, or location. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to real estate, and knowing what you want lets realtors help you find what you need.

Do: Set A Budget

Make sure you set a budget for DIY projects and home buying.

Once you’ve done your research, you can set a price point. Understanding your needs and income is the best way to calculate what you can afford when buying or renting a home, and knowing when (and where) not to take on a DIY project will keep you from leaving it unfinished due to a lack of funds.

Do: Know Your Limits

Painting is a much safer DIY than re-plumbing the bathroom.

Three weeks before putting your home on the market is not the time to find out whether or not you can rewire the house on your own. Although the potential for saving money can be tempting, it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew when tackling big DIY projects. Some things should be left to professionals.

Do: Consult A Contractor Before You DIY

Be sure to consult a contractor before taking on major DIY projects.

If you’re trying to sell a home and want to give it a little TLC to boost its value, or if you’re buying a home and think the kitchen might need a remodel, consult a contractor first. The last thing you want to do is remove a load-bearing wall or damage pipes when trying to save money on a renovation – and have to hire a contractor to fix it anyway.

Don’t: Go It Alone

A real estate agent will help you when you can't DIY.

Although research and home improvement projects can be done on your own, one of the best ways to get quick, comprehensive answers is to ask a realtor. Whether you’re deciding what amenities to add to your home or what neighborhoods will best fit your needs when buying a new one, OMG Brokers has professional, qualified team members ready to help you buy or sell.

To connect with a realtor, try OMG Brokers’ Meet Our Agents page. To start your own research, you can try our Property Search tool.